Greetings, Journalist! I'd love it if you wrote about Patent Blaster, so here's all the stuff I could think of that you might want.


I'm David Stark, an indie developer based in Switzerland. I've been developing games since I tried getting my dad's FileMaker database to make space RPGs back in the Dark Ages. I've written a number of well-received small games for contests, but Patent Blaster is my first foray into self-publishing.



Patent Blaster is the result of what would probably be diagnosed as a mild manic episode brought on by the discovery of Context Free Patent Art. More specifically, I blame @jareiko:

I stared in wonder at these patent illustrations that perfectly mirror the awfulness of the patent system itself, and resolved to make a game with patent art as sprites. Along the way, the game gained item names sourced randomly from Wikipedia, auto-generated patent texts, and a system of elemental damage effects.

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