Let's just say I'm not very fond of the patent system. My way of dealing: making Patent Blaster, a sidescrolling explodey kind of game based on awful patent art come to life. Your mission: invalidate those patents using any means necessary.

Weapons Guide


An extended rant against patents

What the press said:

Patent Blaster is wacky, twitchy, pixely fun.

Madness, but the best kind, and with awesome Wikipedia integration to boot.

Wraithkal's Indie Gaming Corner

Elephants charge at you with a stick of color acting like a lightsaber, before falling to your superior flamethrower, but not before they're resurrected and your cackling evil twin erupts on the scene, literally flying in all directions, just above the hovering hollow bear with a freeze ray. I love games in which each second of gameplay can be described as thus; it's delightfully ridiculous.

Chris Priestman, Indie Statik

...strange, juicy, and fun... The visual style of this game is unique.

Indie Game Hunt

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Requires Java 6 or greater.


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